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Lilium, an esteemed digital marketing agency, consistently delivered captivating websites. As their client base grew internationally, the demand for multilingual websites surged.

Why They Contacted Us

Lilium’s clients frequently requested translations of their websites for a global audience. Recognizing the intricacies of website localization, Lilium turned to our specialized services.


  1. Retaining brand appeal across diverse cultures.
  2. Ensuring localized websites functioned seamlessly.
  3. Balancing translation with SEO optimization.

Our Solution

  1. Cultural Adaptation: Beyond mere translation, we ensured content and visuals resonated with target audiences in different regions.
  2. Technical Localization: Collaborating with Lilium’s developers, we ensured interactive features remained flawless post-localization.
  3. Localized SEO: Our experts integrated localized keywords, ensuring global visibility without compromising user engagement.


With our localization efforts, Lilium’s clients achieved increased global engagement and visibility. This collaboration reinforced Lilium’s position as a leader in global digital marketing.